Marketing and Local Partnerships Opportunities

With a thoughful, extensive and sustained marketing campaign, we can reach out to significant numbers of potential guests. There are many ways to promote the lodge within the country and internationally. Here are just a few of the possibilities.


Place brochures in Granada and throughout Nicaragua at tourist businesses. Many businesses agree to exchange marketing materials to promote themselves cheaply across the country.

Participate in travel fairs to gain exposure among travel planners in Nicaragua and internationally.

Work toward great rankings and ratings on TripAdvisor and similar travel sites by encouraging guests to submit reviews.

Obtain “green” certifications from reputable organizations such as Rainforest Alliance and promote certifications on marketing materials and websites that specialize in promoting certified businesses.

Internationally, we will undertake a campaign to reach out to travel writers’ associations, writers and publishers of travel guides, newspaper editors, and destination wedding planners. This level of coordination may require the services of a publicists in North America, Europe, Asia and South America.

Work toward good search engine rankings and place ads with Google Adsense; i.e. “Your own private island in Nicaragua for $500 a day.”


Partners can provide a source of exposure and important marketing opportunities.

Partner with local operators that offer complementary services such as restaurants, yoga and spa services, and tour operators.

Partner with hotels and lodges with similar ethea (plural of ‘ethos’ – had to look that up)  in other areas of the country (i.e. Leon, San Juan del Sur, and Ometepe) to provide discount packages for guests visiting more than one hotel.

Partner with transportation service to provide airport transportation and to other parts of the county (i.e. to partner hotels).

Partner with a Granada cafe or spa to provide space for a booking and information desk or split the salary of a staff member who will represent the lodge within Granada.


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