No Greenwashing

We will not overstate the sustainable aspects of our project and we will always remain open to finding opportunities to improve our systems and practices. To start, there are areas we’ve identified which are ultimately unsustainable in both local and macro perspectives.

  • We and our guests arrive and depart by airplane consuming significant fossil fuels and emitting CO2. (Compare to taking a vacation close to home and/or travelling by train, bus or with a full car.)
  • We depend on cars and trucks to build and operate. Ditto on the fuel and emissions.
  • We will burn some wood, charcoal, and propane for cooking.
  • Though responsibly forested and manufactured, woods and other construction materials we consume will not be available for other projects.
  • We will not know if factory workers producing materials for construction and operations were treated fairly. How can we be sure that our shower-head wasn’t made by exploited workers or whose by-products didn’t contaminate their local environment?

Until we can resolve these issues, we will not be truly sustainable. However, we feel that our other efforts may contribute to a net environmental and societal improvement. We’ll need some help to test this hypothesis.


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