The Vibe and Aesthetics: Boutique Hotel + Eco-Lodge = “Boutico-Lodge”

We plan to create comfortable spaces (rooms, dining, and lounging areas) oriented to the environment which encourage guests to focus on the views, water, wind, trees and plants, fauna, and the land. One of the reasons we selected El Espino is for its peaceful setting and amazing views of Mombacho, the nearby volcano. When we build, we will site each structure so as to promote those natural assets. We will also design the lodge so that when viewed from a boat it will appear to touch the land lightly while beckoning to visitors and passers-by.

We will create spaces with minimal but inviting and comfortable furnishings, simple linens, and hidden surprises. And to avoid becoming too serious about our aesthetic, we will find playful ways to use materials and in the style of Gilligan’s Island, use the natural materials in unexpected ways. (How about a pedal-powered ice-cream maker?)

The materials, scale, and shape of all buildings will be detailed in other articles but all will be selected to promote the minimal, fresh, and clean vibe.


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