Community Investment: give more than you take

When building a project in an underdeveloped country, it is necessary to invest not only in the project itself but also for the betterment of the region. We will invest in the local community and environment in a number of ways. We intent to employ residents from adjacent islands for construction and ongoing operations. We will purchase food and services locally and encourage and facilitate guests to purchase food, crafts, and services (i.e. boat rental, fishing trips, etc) from island entrepreneurs and restaurants. Some of the social and environmental projects we are considering undertaking include:

  • Sponsoring water filtration and biogas projects on neighboring islands
  • Sponsoring projects benefiting the local school
  • Sponsoring health clinics and related programs for the community

A welcome by-product of these activities may be local support and goodwill for the construction and operation of El Espino.

In these small ways, we hope to address some of the controversy of foreign ownership. Already, we feel that our presence has provided net benefits in our use of local boat services, our visits to island restaurants, and our engagement with the community. These moves are intended to address concerns related to the use and ownership of the land. In our commitment to improve the quality of life through our activities, we hope to begin to address economic and social imbalances. We hope that our plan to be a net contributor will achieve more than what might have occurred had we not made the investment. We have set a high bar for ourselves but we are committed to these goals and will expect the same commitment from our partners.


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