Critical Mass

There is one other hotel in the isletas currently in operation. It is all-inclusive, luxurious and has rates to match ($400-600 for two people). Their Trip Advisor ratings are excellent and it seems like a wonderful place to stay. There is another under construction which, by what we can determine, will have a similar set of amenities and price point as we intend for El Espino. It’s about twice the distance from the marina as El Espino. There is a B&B on a remote isleta which is quite rustic but comfortable. Lastly, there is a simple lodge at the marina which has a different feel from what we intend for El Espino.

There are many other hotels close by in Granada but are hardly comparable given their location within a noisy (albeit fun and exciting) city.

Rather than consider any of these as competitors, we feel that they are necessary to create critical mass of options both to legitimize the area as a destination and encourage tourists to visit. Since many hotels and lodges provide complimentary services (particularly those within Granada), we might expect visitors to stay at both a city hotel and an island lodge. In this growing market, we all help each other (even unconsciously) to improve awareness of the area as a destination through word of mouth, social networking, website ratings, and press coverage.

We can expect that each hotel/lodge/B&B in the islands with their commitment to sustainable practices and quiet settings, will attract different travelers from those only interested in city hotels. Additionally, local vendors (food, laundry, internet providers, etc) will experience fewer and fewer risks in providing services to the hotels and guests, making it easier to for us to conduct business.

It also is beneficial to all operators to provide a range of choices, from budget to luxury, as different visitors will have different means and preferences. Within the field, we will occupy an important mid-range niche and will strive to excel within it.


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