Revenue: Rooms, Day-Use and Event Rates

We expect to charge a rate between $60 and $100 per night for rooms at El Espino. The rates will be determined based on the room type (less for the Cabaña rooms, more for the Rancho rooms) and the season. Breakfast, transfers to and from Granada, use of kayaks and other recreation amenities are included in the rate. (When we build the three private Bungalows in Phase 2, we’ll likely charge around $140 per night double occupancy. At that time, we’ll retire the cabaña sleeping accommodations and convert them exclusively for events and day-use.)

We’ll charge $40-50 per person for day-use visits to El Espino. Lunch, transfers and use of kayaks is included. Depending on how full the rooms are, we will be able to accommodate up to 15 people per day.

Weddings and other events will allow us to fill all rooms to capacity for many days in a row and therefore provide strong revenue at predictable costs. For example, we might charge around $1500 for use of the entire island for three days (including all rooms with no additional day-use visitors). We will charge a modest fee for coordinating 3rd-party services such as flowers, food, decor, rentals, and transportation. Once the bungalows are added, this rate will be higher.

We will also operate a bar for our overnight guests and visitors which should generate modest income. We are developing plans for full restaurant facilities for more elaborate cooking for guests and events support. We are not including revenue from the restaurant until the concept has been developed further.


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