Construction techniques, materials, and management


In building the lodge and facilities at El Espino, we will employ local materials, practices, and labor. We have hired an architect with experience building in the isletas and expect to have plans completed and plan-checked by the city by the end of 2012. The public spaces will be in the local Rancho-style; that is, eucalyptus structures with palm thatch roofs. We will add modernist touches throughout such as woven bamboo walls and door panels and we will use locally-made Granada tile for bathroom and kitchen floors and similar surfaces. We continue to research the best options for flooring and fine millwork such as bar tops and cabinetry.

Bamboo Light from Catarina

Granada Floor Tile

Ferrocement Tank

Landscaping materials will be sourced from local nurseries and growers. Exposed infrastructure such as water tanks, solar panels and the wind turbine will be sited and designed to be balanced with the public spaces. We are considering ferroconcrete water cisterns which can be made aesthetically pleasing. Furniture (beds, seating, tables) and fixtures (lighting, toilets, sinks, faucets) will be from the local hardware suppliers or craftsmen where appropriate.

Rancho under construction

All materials will be from sustainable sources and hardwoods will be certified by the Forest Stewardship Council or similar certification body. We will minimize the use of concrete and plaster walls.

To build, we will employ a blend of contractors; a Rancho builder for the basic structures, a general contractor for infrastructure and fixture installation, and a finish carpenter for wall panels and cabinetry. Skilled and unskilled labor will come from nearby; in fact, a neighboring isleta may be the source of many workers experienced with the idiosyncrasies of small island construction.


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