Limitations of “Eco-“: social, cultural and economic considerations

Three Spheres of Sustainability

Sustainability is not just about protecting the environment. Adding the prefix “eco-” is easy and quickly draws a picture of the goal of the product or service but doesn’t qualify as sustainable unless social, cultural, and economic issues are also addressed. In order for El Espino to meet a stricter definition of “sustainable”, we must engage with a range of issues confronting businesses in underdeveloped areas. In additional to protecting and enhancing the environment, we feel that it is necessary to respect and enhance the social or cultural values where we operate. We can do this by providing meaningful employment and educational advancement opportunities. We will also help to raise the quality of life for residents with clean water and energy programs.

We will help our guests to engage with culture of the isletas and the nearby communities through local vendors, tours, and artistic exposure to the performing arts (i.e. dance and musical performances). We can help guests to better understand social and economic challenges and take those lessons home with them.

Our business must be economically sustainable not just for El Espino but must allow for those  who have called the Isletas home for generations to prosper as well.

We must meet the triple bottom line and provide net enhances on all criteria.


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