Micro Water & Power Co: Off-grid systems on El Espino

In order to operate on an island with no access to power, a drinkable water supply or waste management, we will need to design and install all infrastructure to meet operational needs and health and safety requirements.

We will install solar and wind power systems (links to detailed articles for each system). Through careful consumption, these systems will supply plenty of  power for every operational need.

off-grid diagram

off-grid diagram

We will filter rain and lake water for all functions including drinking. Water for showers and sinks will be heated by the sun.

We will install a grey-water system to clean waste-water from showers and sinks. We will compost all organic waste originating from the kitchen either in a compost heap or in the biogas system (bio-digester). Toilet waste will be flushed to the bio-digester as well. The output will be rich fertilizer for trees and non-food plants and some methane gas to be used for heating water.

We will need to greatly minimize non-compost-able waste production by encouraging use of reusable containers, avoiding plastics, and avoiding purchasing packaged goods. Glass bottles (beer, liquor) can be returned to stores for reuse.

The only resource which we cannot produce ourselves is fuel for cooking. For this, we will need to purchase refillable propane tanks. We have considered high-efficiency wood stoves, biogas and other fuel sources but none will meet all the needs of the lodge. Nevertheless, we hope to include rocket stoves, barbeques, and wood-fired brick ovens (Pizza!) to offset some propane use.


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