About Kristin and Andrew

Andrew and Kristin

Andrew & Kristin (circa early-1970’s)

Andrew, 40, has spent much of his career in the non-profit sector in Los Angeles though he’s recently shifted to the world of small business and entrepreneurship. An operations mastermind, he has honed diverse skills in managing complex entities and designing efficient systems. He is a passionate environmentalist and has developed deep knowledge about sustainable tourism and off-grid systems. Though occupied by many interests, his favorite endeavor is putting the his skills to use developing an idyllic hotel getaway. He has been spending an increasing amount of time in Nicaragua over the past 5 years and has made many friends and developed relationships within the business community. As a result, he understands the local tourism sector, building opportunities, and municipal governance practices.

Kristin is the big sister in this adventuresome duo and based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She developed a love for Nicaragua during the first week of the first visit which led to the purchase of this idyllic island.  She comes to the lodge development project with an affinity for and experience in project management and a passion for sustainable design.  Among her current pursuits, Kristin is the sole proprietor of an eco-friendly, home accessory company and the facilities and events manager for a San Francisco museum.

Drop us a note. We’d be happy to discuss the details of Isleta El Espino and answer all your questions about ourselves and the project.