The Numbers

Below are a few facts and figures related to anticipated costs, schedules, and revenue. We will update this information as we develop the data.

Start-up cost Summary

Category Cost  
Construction Soft Costs  $5,700.00 4.4%
Construction Hard Costs  $96,065.00 73.7%
Construction Contingency (10%)  $9,606.50 7.4%
Additional Start-up Costs  $18,900.00 14.5%
Total Start-up Costs  $130,271.50  

Construction schedule

We will work to open approximately 9 months from the date that the project is fully-funded. Toward this aggressive goal we anticipate 6-8 months of construction. Concurrent to construction, the following activities are required:

  • Procure all furniture, fixtures and equipment
  • Install landscaping
  • Procure linens and consumables
  • Procure and install telecommunications

Opening schedule

During construction the following activities will be taking place:

  • Applications for operating permits upon start of construction to ensure issuance before completion
  • Vendor agreements are negotiated (laundry, food, transportation, tours, etc)
  • Website goes live 2-3 months before opening
  • Hiring and training of staff during the last 2 months of construction
  • Marketing push starting 1 month before opening
  • Soft opening with discounted rates in the first month of operations

Who does what to build and open facilities (COMING SOON)

Anticipated revenue from rooms and day-use
(Does not include restaurant and bar sales or revenue from bungalows to be built in Phase 2.)

Quantity Operational days/year Daily Rate Occupancy Rate Monthly Sales Annual Sales Percent of Sales
Rancho Rooms (double occupancy) 4 365  $90.00 60%  $6,570.00  $78,840.00 47%
Cabanas / Safari Tents (d.o.) 3 210  $60.00 40%  $1,260.00  $15,120.00 9%
Day Visits 12 275  $45.00 50%  $6,187.50  $74,250.00 44%
Gross Revenue  $14,017.50  $168,210.00 100%